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    We improve clients' core processes around Safety Management Systems | Provide vetting auditing services per OCIMF latest TMSA guidelines | Bespoke Training Solutions to affect organizational change | STS operations support I Product development Email us at operations@vettingforce.net

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  • Our Expertise

  • VettingForce undertakes a complete review of Clients “Ship Safety Management System” and updates it basis the latest TMSA guidelines.  Gap analysis is done from an oil major management review perspective.  An action plan is developed to ensure risk presented by Client to oil majors is within acceptable limits. We guarantee a positive outcome on any oil major TSMA audit once our recommendations are positively implemented by Client both on board and ashore.  We also manage any oil major responses based on their audit

  • We provide support in execution of STS operations remotely by preparing a robust plan for each operation.  This includes (1) STS transfer plans (2) STS safety management system covering HSEQ policies, procedures, forms and checklists (3) STS vetting (4) STS vessels compatibility check (5) mooring planning and execution (6) POAC recruitment and training and (7) STS risk assessment


  • TMSA audits are based on latest OCIMF TMSA guidelines and are done in conjunction with an emergency response drill to ensure a succesful oil major audit

  • We help drive industry thought leadership on change management with in house and computer based (CBT) training sessions which are tailored to your organizational needs.  Example training modules include : Reflective Learning | Resilience | Barriers | Vetting | Risk management | Leadership and power of intervention. We work closely with management in effecting organizational cultural / behavior change with data insights driving training needs and assessing training efficacy.

  • Who We Are

    We are a team of dedicated maritime experts with tremendous experience not only in sailing and auditing / STS operations / Training but leading the thought leadership of vetting standards by working with oil majors and OCIMF. 

  • We were extremely pleased with the level of professional standards and expert quality in addressing the TMSA audit. The level of insight brought by vettingforce was instrumental in us passing an oil major audit and in strengthening our risk and safety management systems

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