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  • Learning Engagement Tools

    February 12, 2018
  • What is a valid engagement session using the Learning Engagement Tool (LET)?

    A goal is to deliver one theme every 3 months. The themes can be unique to your organization or will reflect latest issue tends from the industry. If you have any theme or issue please let us know at sales.vettingforce@gmail.com

    What are the best practice guidelines to run a LET session?

    An engagement session is held either in your corporate office or on board your vessels by us. We help facilitate and work with a small group of up to 4-8 people to discuss a the topic which has led to high consequence incidents. The session involves use of a flip over book to ask a number of open questions that are written on his/her side of the sheet, with the participants viewing their side of the sheet (mainly pictorial). A key message is included on the issue presented. Engagement requires the group to discuss their experiences on the theme in order to gain a deeper (behavioural) understanding on important learnings that they will then apply in future. 

    How often should the LET sessions be repeated?

    The learning tools would work best when they are embedded into your company training process and rolled out across your whole fleet.