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  • TMSA 3

    February 12, 2018
  • January 2018 onwards, shipping companies with tanker operators are required to use TMSA 3 in their safety management systems and processes / procedures.

    TMSA 3 is aiming to establish procedures around cyber security to address industry’s needs in addition to risk assessment, auditing and ashore and onboard reviews.

    There is expanded content around on Cargo, Ballast, Tank Cleaning, Bunkering, Mooring & Anchoring Operations, and an updated Element 10 focusing on Environmental and Energy Management.

    There is a new customer focus around leadership, resilience and reflective learning to drive behavioral based changes within organizations. 

    TMSA 3 at a glance

    • Additional requirements for HSSE strategic planning, KPI setting and performance monitoring, review and improvement.
    • Enhanced guidelines for risk assessment, auditing and onboard and ashore reviews
    • Extensive Revision of Elements 6 and 6A – Cargo, Ballast, Tank Cleaning, Bunkering, Mooring and Anchoring Operations
    • Extensive Revision of Element 10 – Environmental and Energy Management
    • A new Element 13 to address Maritime Cyber Security.