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  • Vetting & Ship Inspections

  • Vetting Inspections

    TMSA audits are based on latest OCIMF TMSA guidelines and industry best practices and these are done in conjunction with an emergency response drill to ensure a successful oil major audit.  

  • Observations & Responses

    The inspections are carried out by experienced ex oil major consultants with an oil major perspective.  The engagement is a continuous loop with observation review and responses to vetting departments and a thorough root cause analysis of incidents with appropriate recommendations. 

  • Incident Investigations and Root Cause Analysis

    We aid organizations in their incident analysis to help address any out of favor with oil majors.  Incident reports with root cause analysis and recommendations / lessons learnt are required by OCIMG VIQ, Oil Majors, Rightship, Flag States etc. Our experienced team will address all facets of the incidents and any unique training needs by creating case studies and address it via reflective learning