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  • Management Audits

  • Management audits from an oil major perspective

    We carry out a comprehensive management audit of your HR systems, Technical, Cargo and Operations, Navigation, Emergency Response systems, Risk-Safety and Quality compliance, SMS, ECDIS, Change Management, Security to ensure that systems and processes are best in class and pose no threat or risk to vessels.  We conduct these audits in two phases - a document review including prior SIRE observations and their closure | SMS compliance to TMSA 3 | ECDIS | Incident investigations etc.  This is followed by an onsite visit by our consultant to audit each work function from an oil major perspective, perform an emergency response drill which is carried out by all oil majors and present to the organization our list of findings and recommendations. We will work with you to address the recommendations if so needed and will also help in formulating appropriate responses to oil major observations and reviewing any document submission. We excel in this field and guarantee a smooth oil major audit on addressing all audit recommendations. 

  • Consulting as a Service

    We offer flexible managed service options.

    1. You can hire us to do a management audit prior to an oil major audit as a one time instance

    2. You can hire us year around by signing a yearly agreement where VettingForce becomes an extended arm of your organization to address all of your vetting compliance strategic and tactical needs