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  • Learning Engagement Tools

    What is a valid engagement session using the Learning Engagement Tool (LET)? A goal is to deliver one theme every 3 months. The themes can be unique to your organization or will reflect latest issue tends from the industry. If you have any theme[...]

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    TMSA 3

    January 2018 onwards, shipping companies with tanker operators are required to use TMSA 3 in their safety management systems and processes / procedures. TMSA 3 is aiming to establish procedures around cyber security to address [...]

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    The resilience training program is made up of five core modules with each module focusing on a different area that makes up our natural capacity to deal with life’s challenges. The resilience modules aim to enhance our ability to manage [...]

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    Experience & Competence - A perspective

    Appraisng time-in-rank and competence The oil majors vetting resources collect data from multiple sources to determine whether a vessel is fit to be on seas and that it has a seasoned crew with acceptable levels of safety and risk of [...]

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