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  • STS Operations

  • VettingForce team specializes in addressing the weaknesses in safety management systems and key competencies.

    (1) Ship to Ship operation, also known as lightering operation, is a HIGH-RISK activity associated with the transfer of crude oil, petroleum products, liquid bulk chemicals and liquefied gas between sea-going tankers.

    (2) To deliver a safe and efficient STS operation, involves at least three different safety management systems working together to comply with industry best practices (OCIMF, MARPOL, SOLAS, TSG, ISGOTT, MEG4, SIRE…)

    (3) Did you know : 

      (a)  75% of the accidents in the maritime industry are linked in some way to human error

      (b)  Multiple safety barriers are broken before it leads to an incident 

      (c)  Safety Management Systems and Competent Mooring Masters and Ship crew are two  such safety barriers which are interlinked development of robust Safety Management Systems for STS service providers 

    Vettingforce works with STS operators in:  

    (1) Development of robust Safety Management Systems for Ship Managers 

    (2) Development of robust Safety Management Systems for STS service providers

    (3) Training of POACs (Person in Overall Advisory Capacity)

    (4) Training of Ship Staff in STS operations