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    We can handle all of your digitization efforts and any custom product development.  We led the industry with a cloud based work and rest hours software solution to help assist on ship work and rest hours compliance.  A big focus for us is remote navigational audits by analyzing VDR boxes to drive improvement in navigational safety standards and also help address cost efficiencies for ship operators. Our navigational audit output also addresses critical competencies of ship staff.  Talk to us about our digital solutions for safety management system and associated processes which can be tailored for managing compliance within any organization.


    Why cloud based solutions?

    1. We provide a simple secure login unqiue to your organization to help you do your task / workflow from any device / anywhere. You do not have to worry about IT, servers, hosting, IT staff...let us manage that for you while you focus on what you do best

    2. A better return on investment

    3. A seamless transition of your old legacy data into our new system with a one time managed service

    4. A dedicated point of contact for any training needs

    5. A world class content / training solutions driven by our system throughout your organization








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